Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jesse Burtner and some Critters at Epic's Cool Story Premier.
Burtner is tired of think thank and wants to hang with Critters. Cole, Long, Andrew, Mike, Felipe?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

mhssc. summer vid by JEFF HOLCE. Featuring Jeff Holce, Andrew Nagel, Ruby, and Matt Stinson


JEFF HOLCE! CRITTER! in NH for school time
doing leaf boarding, cause he's not in oregon and has no snow.
Two fellow Critters, Andrew Nagel and Cole Boverman, at Epic Snow's rail jam on oct 30. SO FUN. Can't wait for the NEXT ONE!

First Post

Well, this is the first post, more to come for us. Still not decided on our actual name, but, Critters is pulling ahead in my opinion. Who knows, maybe one day while I'm at school, I will be inspired be something, someone, or something someone wrote on one of the stalls in the restroom.