Tuesday, October 12, 2010

blog post 2.1

Before I began on my college career I was inexperienced in the ideas of Nature and Nurture. I thought one would dominate the other one more. I thought they were fighting against each other. I would usually think Nature was more important because its makes up your physical traits and some times emotion traits too. For example just how I see other people hang out with other people. I notice if some people are not people person they want to get away they will most likely will. I feel though I then saw other times in my life where people were nurture to over come something like dyslexia. I also have dyslexia. I had an awesome mother who helped me learn how to read and write to over come this learn difference. Dyslexia is trait that is passed down through genes. It’s something that I learn to use to my advantage. If it mental gene you could usually deal with it or mold it to your advantage while a physical gene there is not all lot you can do. For example me being born with red hair. I can dye it but that’s not really solving the problem. Something that can be most Nurture is Motivation (Myers, 2009, pp. 339). Most people are not going to wake up and be like I want work! I love waking up at 6 a.m. and work till 5 at night. I love my life doing this! Nope. People work for the incentive (Myers, 2009, pp.341). No one works for free. They need a reward or something to make the work worth it. If your intelligent you would go to college so then you could get a higher paying job so you can make more money. Then you can retire once you make enough money and sit on a beach all day. Thats the american dream right? Some thing that I want to learn more about is how genes work. Why some genes are more dominate than others? Why do she get blue eyes and I get brown? Just want to figure out why I was born the way I was. Just to figure it out. Say "Hey whats up body? Oh I know why are this way.". thats what I want to find out. Im going to figure it out as soon as i get free time.

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