Saturday, October 16, 2010


This weekend while the other critters were in Colorado, expolreshredin’ and whatever they were doing I was faced with nothing to do. Thursday night I worked. I wasn’t supposed to, but fuck I need the money. Valet is good work. So I went. It ended up pretty funny in the end; I hit a concrete barrier in somebody’s Volkswagen Passat and got sent home. I’m now suspended for a week at the end of which I’ll have a “re-evaluation.” Fuck, maybe it’s time to get a job that will allow me to grow my beard out, my only true goal in life.

Thursday night sucked.
Friday night was rad. Tall boys and fires. And being obnoxious. Tonight I’m living the high life; I’m in Park City. Let me tell you, it’s pretty strange. Locals here are a diehard breed determined to persevere in any state. I myself was into no sort of state to carry on with this lot. I had been cursed with some sort of ailment, and it’s no doozy. Salt Lake City inversion air can really kill a feller. The night included me standing outside posh steak-houses, sitting in gutters, and trying to get into bars. Those moments all sucked, so here are the real highlights.

This is bear dog freeroamer, she's a sweetie. She's my cousin's dog, but I'm not sure what she breed she is, besides snow mountain.

This dude also had a very long standard dimension skate deck with tiny wheels. This is a four wheeled scooter. Park City bums know what's up. There was a concert going on over a street on a bridge. Some reggae musics. This dude was suspended over a concrete curb on a janky ass trapeze setup he tied to the bridge. He was just flying around for a good half hour or so in that thing, and I got to see him almost eat shit a couple times. There were hula hoop light dancers on either side of the street. Pretty raaaaaad.
This is the deck of the house I'm in. That strip of lights is the main strip of Park City. I think it's actually called Main Street but I don't care.

So I'm getting off to watch Tron. The original one, with Jeff Bridges. I hear it's good. I know that black panther and house cat, and Sean are conquering glaciers, and actually snowboarding. But lemme tell you, just hanging out in a rich mountain town while there's no snow on the ground. Colorado can sniff my derriere. Utah is the promised land. We may not have any money, but we have freedom. Wait, I'm getting it confused with Arizona. Over and Out!

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