Monday, November 8, 2010

Sensations and Perceptions

If I had unlimited money I would do the experiment in outer space since that is way cooler than on earth. Also if it was in outer space it would be way more legit and respectable to the science world since I think almost every scientest wants to go to outer space. I would do the experiment with Relative Motion (Myers, 2009, pp. 209). Relative Motion is a Monocular Depth cue(Myers,pp. 208). A Monocular Depth cue is by the book is "depth cues, interposition and linear perspective, available to either eye alone." So from what I understand is that Monocular Cues help us see things. One of the depth cues that help is Relative Motion. Relative Motion is this really

So if you were to focus on the batteries it would seem if the shoe was moving but really its not at all.

So after thinking about this I realized that I couldn’t think of legit experiment with Monocular cues so I’m going to change it to perceptual sets. Perceptual sets (Myers, pp.) are where we hold a particular attitude about what we see. So for my experiment I’m going to still do it in space because that’s how much money I have. Then I would have people on the space ship walk to one end of it and then one at a time they would walk over to a desk and fill out a survey. Once they filled out the survey they would walk into a different room in the space ship and then asked if they say anything different. OKAY! Here’s the real catch of the experiment. When they turn in the forum the person would fill it away underneath the desk then a different person would stand up from behind the desk. This would test to see if they saw any thing different. So when they go into the other room I would simple ask them if they noticed any thing different while filling out the forum and turning it in. Then if they didn't notice I would tell them to feel stupid and to prove the point of perceptual set. For when the people which they would have different faces, shirt color, hair, and voice so then it would really mess with there heads. So I guess my experiment is just to say, "Hey got you!”

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