Friday, November 19, 2010

Social Psychology

This isn’t really a good question but I was wondering how much normative social influences (Myers, 2009, pp. 534) affects me. But the little things that he hardly notice. Like how we act really different around different people with out even knowing it. The Normative social influence to me is where people have the need or strive to act in a certain way to get peoples thumbs up. For example I try really hard not to fart when I’m around girls but it happens any ways and it stinks. You might be having a really good conversation but then all of sudden this really bad smell comes out of no where and totally ruins the vibes. Then she goes and tell her friends that I smell bad so then they judge me way more when I go try to talk to them. That an example to me of Normative social influence (Myers,pp. 534). So then sometimes I’m like I don’t care. I don’t give heck! That then backs fires on me really bad some times because of informational social influence. I say heck I’m not going to follow the trend. Then I do stupid stuff like dress like I don’t care. I know there is nothing wrong dressing any way you want but I know there are times when you can do way off the deep end. Like wear short shorts with a triple xxl that covers your shorts so then you look naked. Yeah. That’s not good style. The style so crazy it’s past hipster. Yeah then your friends start not wanting to hang out with since you have bad style and then you tell like its not that bad but then you not wanting to accept that bad style you say I don’t care and just make a fool of your self until you figure it out. That’s informational social influence to me in a different nutshell.

I think a lot more people would be way more cool if they didn't have all of these things effecting them when they live life. There would most likely be way more goof balls running around or people who aren't really that social and just want to chill.

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