Tuesday, September 21, 2010

blog post 2

I will be having someone teaching me how to sew I will pay close attention so it will stay in my short-term memory longer. Then when I go home I will be able to do it myself. I have various clothes that need sewing so I will have plenty of stuff to work on. Through this Rehearsal of sewing stuff together over and over again it will help this skill transfer into my long-term memory and stay there until I need to remember again. (Myers, 2009, pp. 258, 260-261, 308-309)

Since I ride as much as I can I feel that I will crash and rip my clothes. Since I have this new tool of sewing I will be able to fix the clothes I rip. Since I’m doing it over time it will help me recall it better. This is called the Spacing Effect when you learn stuff over time. (Myers, 2009, pp. 261)

Rehearsal and the Spacing Effect will most defiantly help me remember how to sew. Since I’m working with my own clothes that I want to keep using I will be very conscious of how well I’m sewing. The Spacing effect and Rehearsal are very good ways of Effortful Processing. Through Effortful processing I will learn how to sew and it will stay in my long term memory for a very long time.

Work Cited

Myers, David G. Exploring psychology. New York, NY: Worth, 2009.

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